Thursday, January 30, 2014

Potica, Povitica, Makowiec, or Nokul

Potica (Po-tee-tsa) is a traditional Eastern European nut bread that is served at Easter, Christmas, weddings and other special occasions. This particular recipe came from the hills of Poland. Warning: this is not a project to be undertaken lightly. Potica making is an all day process and like most Polish cuisine is best if done with family or friends. When I make this I must at least have my husband's help but like 2 other people. For a detailed demonstration please refer to the video.

3 pkg yeast dissolved in ½ cup warm water and 2 tsp sugar

1.    1 ½ cups scalded mild
Add into hot milk: 2 cubes butter, 2 T shortening, 1 cup sugar, 2 tsp salt. Cool with 1 ½ cups water

2.   In a medium bowl
      Beat:    6 eggs (with electric beater)
      Add:     3 cups sugar
                     2 tsp vanilla

3.   In a large bowl
      Mix:     4 cups flour
                 Yeast mixture
                 Milk mixture (1)

4, Add Egg mixture (2) to Flour mixture (3)

5. Add to above mixture
         8 cups flour, stirring (12 total) (About 5 min)
         (Add more until dough is right: about 2 cups)
(14 total) (2 minutes)

Let dough set 15 minutes
Knead 15 minutes by hand or ½ hour in mixer.
Grease large Tupperware- put in dough.
Let rise 1 hr (until double)
Punch down and let rise 1 ½ - 2 hrs.

Filling: 4 lbs. walnuts – ground
          2 squares butter
          6 beaten eggs
          3 tsp vanilla
          2 cans evaporated milk

Divide dough
Roll dough out as thin as possible
Put filling on – spread with knife
         1 cup on 1 lb.
         4 cups on large
Roll up and place into greased pans
         1 lb dough into 7 ½” pan – snake 3 times
         2 ½ lbs into angel food cake pan, twist around twice
Grease top of loaves
Let rise ½ - 1 hour
Prick with fork
Bake at 325°
         Small – 1 hour
         Large – 1 ½ hour
         Rolls –  10-15 min
9 ½ lbs dough.
1 – 2 ½ lb.  8 - ¾ lb.  6-7 - 1 lbs.


Anonymous said...

I would bet that if we weren't so fortunate as to have two grandmas available, we could halve the recipe?

Frances said...

You could do that, or it freezes incredibly well

Charly said...

Can you please tell me what a cube of butter is, how much and a square of butter? Honestly say I have never heard those terms and so want to get it right thanks.

Frances said...

Sorry about the confusion. It means 1 stick, 1/2 cup, 8 tbsp, or 4 oz